Saturday, February 6, 2010


I guess it's true that you get what you intend, whether it's conscious or subconscious - my week has borne out the "mistake" inspiration with a vengeance! I've made many of them, and have been paying for them dearly. Unfortunately, you've indirectly had to pay for them, too - I'm so sorry!

Just so you don't think I'm a total and complete slacker, I offer the following as evidence that I didn't just sit and eat bonbons all week (I'm not sure I even know what a bonbon is, actually):
This is one place setting in a set of four - accompanied by a platter - that I etched as a birthday gift for my friend Jackie last Saturday when I woulda/shoulda been doing my inspiration project. I would have done this earlier in the week, but couldn't find the pieces I needed to etch until Friday. It also took me longer to execute the project than I scheduled for it because - oh yeah - mistakes galore! I even made a mistake taking the picture on my way out the door to the party! See that little sticker marking the center of the plate for me? Yeah, forgot to remove it to take the pic, and I even wrapped it up with the sticker still on it!

This is: a) an invoice for a partial work week, sans pricing and with my phone number blocked out - there was more, but this is all I printed; b) a paint stirring stick that I was attempting to create a "Listen and Learn" thingie to hang up in my workroom. I dug out my woodburning tool that I haven't used for decades to give it a go. That was your first clue as to why the darn thing never got finished - not as easy as I remembered, much more time-consuming, and I lost patience and mojo and ran out of paint stirring sticks before I got anything even remotely worthy to share...

Greg was home most of the week, which always throws my schedule WAY off (How does this happen? He doesn't expect me to entertain him and he finds things to do, but somehow I seem to hear "Can you come here a minute?" quite a bit during the day...) Add in two doctor appointments (one for my father-in-law and one for me) and a bout of pinkeye (why I had a doctor appointment), and you have my week in a nutshell! Like I said - MANY mistakes were made, and MANY trains were derailed! Did I learn anything? You betcha! (with a nod to Caribou Barbie):
  • Plan - and execute - farther ahead in case things don't go as planned
  • I need waaaay more practice with my woodburning tool
  • If I'm not going to be able to get my project posted, I should at least have the consideration to post Mr. Linky for those of you who want to post yours
  • I need to invest some time in getting more organized
  • I need to get a bit more disciplined

I'm sure there are more lessons learned this week, but that's enough to share for now, yes? When I fired up the computer this morning to post this, I saw that Beverly had added a comment and a link to her project, so I'm starting off the Mr. Linky with hers, and if any of you were more on the ball than me this week and created something, please feel free to share! I'll check back later this afternoon to do the "Featured Artists" dealie-o, and I'm well on my way to being on schedule for tomorrow's post, so check back, k?

Thanks for putting up with my learning curve on doing a weekly challenge - I promise my most excellent promise that I will do my darndest to be more consistent! Have a great day!

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