Sunday, February 7, 2010

52CP06: The Little Prince

"The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery is one of my all-time favorite books, and our inspiration this week is one of the chapters from it. I found a site online that has the entire book available to read, so if you enjoy this chapter, you may want to check out the rest of the book! Basically, the Little Prince travels the solar system from his own tiny planet, leaving behind his beloved Rose, and visits Earth as part of his travels. That's all the backstory you need for the chapter to make sense. You can read it HERE. I'm not sure which page it will link you to, but you want Chapter 21, if you have to choose.

I spent the last three days digging out my creative space, which is also my work space, and that included from about 5:30 this morning until 10:30 tonight, so I'm too tired to finish my project now that I've made space to work. I'll finish it tomorrow afternoon and post it, I promise! Just in case, though, here's this week's Mr. Linky (edited to add - please remember to use tag/label 52CP06 when you upload to SCS or another online gallery - thanks!):


Dorothy said...

I must admit that I do not often look at your blog, but I am so happy I did so today. This book is one of my favorites, too. (More in the card description.) That chapter about making friends, or being in love, is certainly the essence of the book. I hope my LOVE card applies.
It is in my SCS gallery.
Dorothy / etsdas

Dorothy said...

I added the right link. Looks like I just forgot a step!! Sorry.

Beverly Gotthardt said...

Yey, more players, look forward to Sunday.

SmilynStef said...

Better late than never ... I finally got this one done. Thanks for the inspiration.