Sunday, February 14, 2010

52CP07: Five for Fighting

I've seen two versions of the video for this week's inspiration - the "regular" music video, and a version made to raise awareness for autism. HERE's the link for the "regular" one, and HERE'S the link for the autism one. Watch either - or both - to provide inspiration for this week!

I viewed this as a "call to arms" of sorts to improve the world - or at least our corner of it - and found this quote that reinforces that idea:

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do
something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can

~ Edward Everett Hale

For my project this week, I completed a few things I'd been mulling over but hadn't quite gotten around to:

What you're looking at here are several eco-friendly items. The beige thing is a "bag" to hold plastic bags from the grocery store that I re-purpose as waste basket liners in my kitchen. It has an elasticized top opening and bottom opening and a loop for hanging. You stuff the bags into the top as you acquire them, and pull them out from the bottom as you need them. It will hang inside my pantry.

The black thing is one of those draft stoppers that "slide onto any door" like you see on TV. I made it with some fabric I had hanging around and those insulating tubey things that you're supposed to wrap around pipes to keep them from freezing. It's going on the door that goes down to the basement because the girl that lived here before us lopped off about 2" at the bottom of the door, and all the cold air from the basement comes up, and all the warm air from our house goes down. This will hopefully solve that problem.

The little colorful thing is a re-purposed almond can. I needed a place to put dead batteries until I have enough to make it worthwhile to take them to a place that will recycle them or ecologically dispose of them or whatever it is they do (all I know is it's illegal to just throw them in the trash to go into a landfill). Here's a better look at that:

I used papers from Stampin'Up!'s "Good Morning Sunshine" paper pack, and stamps from The Paper Company Studio's "Eco-Friendly" stamp set. The ribbon is from Michael's. And there you have it! Here's Mr. Linky:


SmilynStef said...

Fabulous projects. I love the idea of having a special place to keep batteries.

Beverly Gotthardt said...

Susan, sorry I can't seem to get a handle on this challenge, probably still trying to get my mental spark back from being sick. Your projects are all very clever, love the way you repurposed the almond can. See you next time, keep on inspiring us.

Tina said...

This was a difficult one for me, I haven't been able to come up with anything yet. Either that or I have the FUNK going on... bleh! I've been listening to this song all week though, hoping something will come to me. I love it! <3 Such a beautiful song.
My boys are staying the night at their Aunt's, so I'll have some time to get crafty tomorrow morning. I hope something will come to me then for this weeks' inspiration and the next! Unfashionably late, as I am all too often... :"P