Sunday, February 21, 2010

52CP08: Perspective

This week's post is a bit different, driven by the goings-on in the World of Sue. I'm sharing two of my favorite poems that I've saved that I think are of great worth for those going through a hard time for various reasons, and most especially those grieving the loss of a loved one. My sister's boyfriend has a very, very close circle of friends (they've known each other for forty years), and one of the women committed suicide Thursday night while her husband was out of town (yes, that's what he came home to) and the entire group is reeling, needless to say. I've been finding things to send to my sister and decided it was a good multi-tasking opportunity to apply here, as well. I'm not going to post artwork of any kind with these bits of wisdom - just let them speak to you however they do, and go from there...


Sun and mountain meet.
"Look," I say.

But I forget
That far away
An islander
Wipes morning
From his eyes
And watches
The same sun

What's birth?
And death?
What's near
Or far?
It all depends
On where you are.

~ Carol Lynn Pearson


Death is ugly?
Oh, my children,

If you knew
The beauty
That begins where
Your sight fails,
You would run,
Run, run,
And leap
With open arms
Into eternity.

But sad
Is a harvest
Of green wheat.

So you would
Cling to earth
And finish
Your mortal task,
I merely gave
An ugly mask.

~ Carol Lynn Pearson

I will post my creation later this afternoon or tomorrow sometime. Understand that this challenge is NOT limited to grieving/death/etc. - it can be broadened to include anything that could use a different perspective than the one that stops us in our tracks, or just causes us frustration...

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Beverly Gotthardt said...

Loss of friends and family is always hard to cope with, so I chose to nudge a little reminder to make the most of the moments we have. Looking forward to what you come up with for us next.

Tina said...

I've been having trouble taking a proper photo this evening, of my card for this week. I've posted a link to a partial of it though, in case I am unable to get another decent shot tomorrow in the sunlight. Even if I don't, I'll be sure to share more of my thoughts on this week's inspiration, Perspective, in another entry. This was a very nice inspiration, my favorite one thus far, I think. I am only sorry that it was prompted by real events. My thoughts are with them!

Tina said...

Ok, so I wasn't able to share much about it, but I finally got a good picture and posted a new link to it. :") Yay!
Can't wait for tomorrow, for another inspiration!