Sunday, January 31, 2010

52CP05: Mistakes

I'm starting this post with apologies, which bothers me a bit, but it is what it is... I didn't post the players for the week - again - yesterday, and this post is later than usual, for starters. Life happens, and so I am posting the inspiration, but my project and/or ATC will be posted later today, rather than with the inspiration. I may make that the norm, actually, because it has occurred to me several times that my take on the inspiration may be completely different from what you got out of it, and my project may be an inhibitive influence. So - those are things I'm sorry for this morning...

This week I re-discovered a book, "Notes to Myself" by Hugh Prather, and found several passages that were thought-provoking and/or inspiring. I landed on this one:

Perfectionism is slow death. If everything turned out just like I want it to, just like I would plan it to, then I would never experience anything new; my life would be an endless repetition of stale successes. When I make a mistake I experience something unexpected.

I sometimes react to making a mistake as if I have betrayed myself. My fear of making a mistake seems to be based on the assumption that I am potentially perfect and that if I am very careful I will not fall from heaven. But a "mistake" is a declaration of the way I am, a jolt to the way I intend, a reminder that I am not dealing with the facts. When I have listened to my mistakes I have grown.

And there you have it! I will add the Mr. Linky to the next post, along with my project(s). Enjoy your Sunday and your week!


Linda said...

OMG--thank you so much for posting this! It took me many years to realize I "made" a mistake but "I am NOT a mistake"...

General living is keeping me from crafting lately, but I read your posts simply for the inspiration and hope to get to post something soon ;-)

Beverly Gotthardt said...

I didn't see Mr. Linky, but you can get to my card this way
Here's my entry