Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pardon Me, My Inexperience is Showing...

It has come to my attention (thank you, Sherry!) that there was a Mr. Linky issue on the post for the first challenge. After intensive research (requiring one entire mouse-click), I discovered that - in order for Mr. Linky to appear in more than one place on this blog - I needed to upgrade my Mr. Linky account, which I have done. This makes me sound like A Big Deal, but it's only $10 for the whole year, so if that breaks the bank I have bigger problems than Mr. Linky, yes?

Anyway, if you tried unsuccessfully to link your creation (I'm so sorry), or if you plan to in the near future (hint, hint), you should be good to go now! I apologize for any frustration and/or inconvenience this may have caused - carry on!


Linda said...

Hey, Mr. Linky isn't as easy as it looks and I didn't get it right the first several times I tried to link a post--we all learn together ;-)

Thanks for sharing this--when I get ready to put him on my blog, thanks to you, I will know how.

Sherry said...

Your quite welcome! *wink*