Sunday, August 29, 2010

52CP34: No Fear

Have I kept you in suspense long enough? Sorry about the delay - I had some things to take care of this morning before I could get back home to post this.

It would seem that FEAR is a big topic lately. Several blogs, emails, articles, etc., this week have dealt with the topic. I'm going to share just a few of the things I've come across here, and then add a tidbit of my own.

Martha Beck, life coach and prolific writer, had a wonderful article this week regarding life's peaks and valleys. She specifically discusses what to do when everything seems to be going wrong. What would that be? Nothing. Yup - nothing at all:

When things fall apart, your urge is to do something - anything - to put them back together. but what if you can't do that right now?

If you're going into a valley, do what you did as a small kid on the big shiny playground slide: Let go and ride it down. Accept that what is happening is happening. Then immediately implement {the following step}.

Every traditional wisdom culture has metaphors for the ups and downs of life. In the Good Book there's a particular reference to difficult times as "the valley of the shadow of death". The Psalmist who coined the term promptly recommends the best way to travel through it: Fear no evil.

She goes on to relate a personal experience she had, and then wrote what was - to me - the essence of overcoming fear:

Psychologists have found our brains can't simultaneously experience fear and appreciation. That's why it's so helpful to make a list of things that bring you comfort, support, and hope. When things keep going wrong and fear returns, lengthen your list. As this practice trains your brain not to fear, you'll notice there are wonderful things to be found in the valleys between your so-called peak experiences.

She also addresses when it seems that everything is going wrong - like it's a conspiracy or something. Coincidence? Not so much - nature is trying to tell you something: Rest. As a t-shirt that one of her friends wears says: "Do nothing when nothing works."

She outlines how to go about resting, too. Follow this link for more on resting.

I also really, really loved what Carmen Torbus had to say about "the F-word" (fear, not that other one). It's a short post on her blog, but packed with meaning.

All of this incubated in my brain this week, and I also began baby-stepping into something I have been fearful about for the past several years, so I came up with a personal "No Fear Manifesto". I printed it off and added it to the cover of a composition book where I write plans and projects and other ideas:

Stamp: Inkadinkado Bold Damask; Ink: Stampin'Up! Kiwi Kiss; Paper: Stampin'Up! Riding Hood Red, Rockabilly dsp; Accessories/tools: Composition book, ribbon, skull charm

The ribbon I used to decorate the cover is also long enough to use as a bookmark. I've created a
.jpeg file and a .pdf file of the manifesto for you, if you'd care to use either/or for yourself. I can't figure out how to get them here on Blogger, but if you click over to my other blog, you can grab the appropriate link there. And that's it for me this week! Do you have a No Fear Manifesto of your own? What will you create this week? Here's Mr. Linky:

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