Sunday, August 22, 2010

52CP32 Featured Artist

Good Sunday Morning (almost afternoon) to you! Apparently all of you have had a week like mine, and had many other things to do besides make cards! I didn't even get to posting the one gorgeous contribution to the challenge, which is definitely worth featuring! Ira made this beautiful piece of altered art for her niece:

I love how creative this is, and the colors are so pretty!

In other news, one of our regular contributors, Stephanie, is under the weather and could probably use some love. Maybe we could drop by her blog and leave a comment or something...

I'll be back in an hour or two with this week's challenge (still finishing that up, too - like I said, crazy week!) See you in a bit!

1 comment:

Ira said...

Oh that's so sweet of you Sue to put me up on your blog! Thanks!
I'm curious as to what your new challenge is going to be :-) And I'll visit Stephanie to give her a little bit of sunshine :-)
Take care, hugs, ~Ira