Saturday, August 14, 2010

52CP31 Featured Artists

Good Saturday night to you! So, I'm clicking along on tomorrow's challenge when it hits me: I haven't posted this week's submissions for the challenge! I still hadn't left comments on two of the blogs, even! Geesh - what a ninny! Anyway, despite the delay, here they are:

Sarah started us off with a beautiful scripture-based card. "Be still" is one of my very most favorite phrases - I wish I was better at making time to actually do it! Anyway, her card is just lovely...

Stephanie's card has a great vintage look and feel, and includes an affirmation we all can use:

Beverly's card makes me want to trade places with this li'l guy - he looks so peaceful... I'd love to have a lazy afternoon like that!

Thanks ladies, for your contributions this week! Thanks to all of the rest of you, too, for dropping by! See you in a few hours with a new challenge! G'night!

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