Saturday, August 28, 2010

52CP33 Featured Artists

I'm a bit more on the ball this week, so I'm posting this week's Featured Artists on time for a change! End-of-summer, start-of-school, life-as-we-know-it has everyone very busy, I'm sure, and there are more important things to focus attention on than making something for my challenges, but I so appreciate when any of you do! This week we had two submissions:

Stephanie pulled out another one of her wonderful sentiment stamps to make a very joyful card - it completely captures the essence of the challenge! Click over to her blog to see all of the serendipitous inspirations for her card:

Ira altered a wine bottle - or gift-wrapped it, whichever way you choose to look at it - as a nod to being fully present with dinner guests and focusing attention on them and on the delicious meal:

Isn't that pretty? I love all the vintage touches. Click over to her blog to see a couple of other views - the ribbon corset lacing on the back is especially pretty...

And that is all we have for this week, although these two are DEFINITELY view-worthy! Thanks, Ira and Stephanie!

I'm working on tomorrow's challenge, so check back in the morning for that! Have a good night!

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Ira said...

You're welcome Sue and I'm curious to your new challenge :-) Let your idea simmer for a while :-) and I'll be back tomorrow!
Sleep well, Ira x