Sunday, July 25, 2010

52CP28 Featured Artists

It's been a majorly hectic week here at the Culotti household and, as a result, I'm a day late with this post, and will also be a day late with the new challenge. Greg's dad has been in the hospital for two weeks (he's almost 92 years old) and we're wading through paperwork and financial mazes and making sure his mom is okay at home. Her 90th birthday was yesterday and today I hosted her dinner/party at our home. Add in the usual work and running the household and other "normal" stuff, and WHEW! I hope you'll bear with me here...

Anyway, we had three great cards this week! First up we have Sarah again this week with this fun card:

She showed herself some love this week by doing what she loves - being creative and using images that reflect her love of the wildlife that visit her yard, as well as an "enjoy" tag (so cute!) to re-emphasize the joy! I love the colors she used here - so bright, cheery and summery!

Next up was Bev with what she loves - art supplies, of course! Things that make us happy... I love her borders and the fun contrast of pastels with red!

Finally, Steph brought out one of her many, many (apparently endless) sentiment stamps to make this gorgeous card:

I love the pop of yellow with the green and black - so pretty!

Thank you, ladies, for your continued support! I hope the rest of you will click over to their blogs and check out the rest of the details on these cards, as well as to see what other fabulous creations they come up with! Also, be sure to check back tomorrow for a new challenge! Have a great night!

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SmilynStef said...

Wishing you moments of peace among the chaos (yes, I do love the sentiment stamps).