Sunday, July 4, 2010

52CP25 Featured Artists

Oops! I forgot about this post before I posted this week's challenge - doh! Ah well, it's probably okay, since we had some last-minute entries that wouldn't have been included if I'd been more on the ball. Everything happens for a reason, right? This week's challenge is below this one, so keep reading after you get to the end of the great artwork, k?

I'm not going to add commentary on these, just thank you so much for adding to our gallery, ladies, and thank you for looking, those who just drop by to see what's what! Click on the name under the pic to go to the blog post where there are details on each card:


And there you have it! Please scroll down for this week's challenge!

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Kristen said...

These are all great! WOW Thank you for sharing them!