Sunday, April 18, 2010

52CP16: What's Inside

Edited on Tuesday: I apologize that I still don't have my project up. My shoulder is acting up again with a vengeance and cutting/stamping/coloring/painting/writing is painful beyond belief. I have a tentative appointment Friday with the orthopedic (if he can squeeze me in, otherwise it won't be until Tuesday) to see exactly what's going on. Everyone seems to think it's a torn rotator cuff, but they're gonna do an MRI to see. If the pain abates soon, I'll see if I can finish my project. Otherwise, please make something for me to see, k? Thanks!

Good Sunday morning to you! I'm just a bit later than usual with this post, and I'm still working on my project - it turned out to be a bit more finicky and time-consuming than I thought - so I'll be adding to this later, but wanted to get the inspiration up for you. I was looking around the Keep Calm gallery and came across this:

'Nuff said...

Here's Mr. Linky:

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Beverly Gotthardt said...

So sorry to hear about your pain, hope the Dr. can fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Praying you'll be fit, chipper, and pain free soon.