Saturday, April 24, 2010

52CP16 Featured Artist

I suppose I should apologize for never, ever finishing my project for this week's challenge, but I'm just not going to. I still haven't been to the doctor - he doesn't have any openings until May, but they were going to fit me in Friday or this coming Tuesday. Since - obviously - Friday didn't happen, I'm hoping against hope that Tuesday does! If I could lop off my right arm just above the shoulder I'd feel significantly better but, as it is, I'm just dealing (barely).

Apparently all of you had issues this week, as well, because the ever-faithful Beverly was our sole player! Just for that, I'm showing you the outside and the inside of her card!



Thanks, Bev, for being so diligent with these challenges! I really appreciate it!

Just so you're all aware, I've already finished my project for tomorrow's challenge, and I'm going to go upload it right now, and schedule the post for midnight tonight! See you tomorrow!

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