Sunday, March 21, 2010

52CP12: Smile

If you chance to meet a frown,
Do not let it stay.
Quickly turn it upside-down
And smile that frown away!

No one likes a frowning face -
Change it for a smile!
Make the world a better place
By smiling all the while!

That's a little song from my childhood... Smiles are very, very contagious - how often do you smile at someone and they fail to smile back? They're also memorable. When my mother passed away several years ago almost every single person that spoke with me about her mentioned her smile.

I've tried to carry on that legacy and smile at everyone I see throughout the course of my day. It's amazing how much better I feel when I make a point of making eye contact with and smiling at everyone I encounter! I've had several people comment that "you're always smiling" when they see me, so maybe that's one thing I'm actually getting right... I joke that "if I'm going to be cranky, I just keep my sorry self home", because why should I inflict myself on others?

Yes, smiling is an important behavior, in my humble opinion - it "improves your face value", as they say, and it alters your own mood, as well! With that thought in mind, I made two - almost cheater - projects. Why "almost cheating"? Well, since my shoulder is still most unhappy (although I'm smiling through the pain!), I'm trying to limit how much strain I put on it, so I used some almost-done items to create this week's card and ATC.

First up is a card made with a page from DCWV's "Green Stack" mounted onto a red card base:

All I added to it was the stamped sentiment (Heidi Grace). I love the Green Stack, but the papers don't photograph well at all. The colors are so much nicer in real life, but this was the best pic I could get - sorry! I didn't do much more than stamp a sentiment for my ATC, either:

I did mat it and I also added a punched flower with a smiley face drawn on the brad center with a Bic MarkIt pen. The card itself is from a pack of "Groovy Playing Cards" that I unearthed this past week. I think I bought it at the dollar store a couple of years ago.

So, that's my contribution to making the world a happier place this week - what will yours be? Here's Mr. Linky (there's more to this post, too, so scroll down past Mr. Linky to keep reading):

I also wanted to give a special "thank you" to Stephanie for being our sole contributor for last week's challenge. She hasn't missed a week yet - bless her! - and here's the amazingly wonderful art journal page she created:

Too cool, eh? She's always so colorful and imaginative and inspiring! Thanks, Steph!

Okay, kiddoes, that's it for this week for me! Hope your week is fantastic, and don't forget to SMILE!!!

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Beverly Gotthardt said...

Looks like you're building a following, hope you're feeling better :-)