Sunday, March 14, 2010

52CP11: Enough

As many of you also do, I'm sure, I discover new and wonderful blogs from links on the blogs that I already follow. One recent discovery is Susannah Conway's blog, which has especially impressed me, and I'm linking to one of her posts for our challenge this week: Because We ARE Worth It. While you're there, look around a bit...every post is link-worthy, I'm thinking!

Also, please excuse me for not making anything (yet) this week. I have a shoulder injury that has been aggravated by the goings-on of the past week, and my poor arm is in a sling and I'm typing one-handed, and left-handed (which I'm not) at that! I will make something later in the week when the pain subsides and my mojo (hopefully) returns. Right now all of my attention is consumed with "ow...ow...ow...ow..."

Here's Mr. Linky for you:


Helen Dooley said...

get better!

Beverly Gotthardt said...

I see you haven't posted a project,that must mean your shoulder is not better. Sending prayers your way, pain is no fun.

foxyenglishcrafter said...

Thank you for sharing a link to this blog. I will be adding it, with yours to my follow list and will be writing a post about the both blogs today. Wishing you a speedy recovery