Sunday, September 26, 2010

52CP38: Simplify

Again this week, the inspiration I'm posting is not the one I planned on when I started my day... I don't believe in coincidence, but I do very much believe in serendipity and the Law of Attraction, so I think the convergence is where the last couple of posts have come from. It actually works out better this way for several reasons:
  • The theme for this week is the theme of my paradigm shift and new focus in my life the past several weeks
  • There's a great segue from "white space" to "simplify"
  • This post is going to be SIMPLE - short and sweet
I went up to my ("blowed up real good") workroom/studio this morning to add the sentiment to my project and take a picture of it to post here. I was sure I had the quote that I had in mind somewhere in my stamp collection, but as I flipped through my stamp index to find it, I realized that I was mistaken (I must have seen it on one of Steph's cards - she has all the best sentiment stamps!) As Plan B I pulled out my quote books and started flipping through them, but tripped over several excellent quotes on simplifying/simplicity and changed immediately to Plan C.

I've been attracting blogs and books and quotes and all the rest of it that have resonated deeply with me and pulled me a direction I never saw coming but that now looks like the road home. It started HERE and then went HERE and on to HERE and the momentum and resources have continued to build, and what can I tell you? "Simplify" is my new mantra and - soon! - my new lifestyle. It's been a long time coming, but here we go!

Since different people are at different stages of their lives - and even in different lives! - I realize that this is NOT the path that everyone will take, but it does resonate with me, so I'm going there. Simplifying is a valid concept for everyone to a degree, however, so I'll leave you with this thought from Danielle LaPorte's guest post (the first link above): "You're giving sacred space to something that isn't sacred to you." What is it in your life that fits that description? Eliminate it (or all of the 'its') and move on freer and more engaged in what is sacred to you...

Instead of making-a-something, I created three versions of a quote file for you - all with the "simplify" theme. It's a half-page and available to you as a Word document, a PDF file, and a JPEG file (or just click on the pic below to enlarge it, then right-click and select "save" or "save as"):

I typed them in basic black, but you can play around with them in Word or Photoshop or whatever program you use to do what you will with them! I didn't crop the picture above so you can see what you're getting.

And I'm done for today! Off to finish the purge/reorg of the studio so I can function in it! Here's Mr. Linky:

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